Onboarding for Retention



The work doesn’t stop once you’ve made it through the recruiting and selection process. In fact, it’s only just begun.

A thoughtfully-crafted onboarding program supports the hard work you do during the hiring process by improving teacher retention and engagement — both of which are key ingredients for student success.

How does your district’s onboarding process compare? Take a look at our guide to onboarding for retention and see how your district stacks up.


Using Technology to Support Effective Onboarding

By using technology like Frontline Recruiting & Hiring and Frontline Central, you can automate many basic onboarding steps — saving time and paperwork, even during the busiest times of year. And by getting the more time-consuming parts of the process out of the way ahead of time, you can spend your employees' first few days giving tours, conducting group exercises and building relationships that will strengthen individual employees' engagement in your district.

How our solutions help

Improve the candidate experience.

Make a good first impression by ensuring that candidates can easily apply to your district, navigate the hiring and onboarding process and complete all the necessary forms.


Provide targeted support to new hires.

Use data from prescreening assessments and interviews to help new educators set goals right off the bat.


Get new hires up to speed.

Help new hires get ready for their first day with online onboarding and compliance training courses they can complete on their own time.


Save time and paperwork.

No one wants to deal with papercuts or a cumbersome onboarding process. Our easy-to-use solution eliminates the need for paperwork and saves time for you and your employees.


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