Onboarding & Safety Training Course Library

Onboarding new hires can be overwhelming, especially when taking both state-mandated trainings and the full range of school-based job roles into account. Coordinating, holding and tracking job-specific trainings for all of your employees can be expensive and time-consuming — and it’s even more complicated if you hire new staff throughout the year. Despite these difficulties, you have to keep up with these trainings to protect your district and get new hires up to speed.

Frontline’s Onboarding & Safety Training Course Library makes it easy to keep your district and employees safe and compliant. Our online trainings provide interactive, high-quality learning experiences that new hires can complete on their own time, laying the groundwork for success in their new role.

  Stay Safe and Compliant

  • Ensure compliance with state-specific mandates
  • Track learner progress through each SCORM-compliant course
  • Document course completion to mitigate risk and avoid potential lawsuits

  Get New Hires Up to Speed

  • Automatically assign the most relevant courses to new hires based on their role
  • Help employees be as effective as possible from their first day
  • Save time and money during the onboarding process

  Set the Stage for Success

  • Prepare new hires to get to work faster and fit training into busy schedules
  • Ensure that trainings build context and relevancy with school settings, scenarios and imagery
  • Provide job-specific courses for substitutes, paraprofessionals, secretaries and more