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Bring the best people into your district.

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We’ve made it easy for you to quickly and easily bring the best talent into your district.

One solution for recruiting and hiring

Hiring shouldn’t be about filing paperwork and drowning in applications. And with teacher shortages across the country, it’s more important than ever that you can quickly attract and hire the best candidates.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring (formerly AppliTrack) manages the entire process online so you can focus on higher priorities: attracting and identifying the best candidates, and quickly bringing them on board. Instead of spending time digging through paperwork and wrestling with complex processes, you can get the time and insights you need to make actionable decisions for your district.


A few of the problems solved:

 Recruit more applicants with ease
 Identify and quickly hire the best candidates
 Quickly get new hires up to speed
 Manage employee records online after the hire




Reach more applicants without leaving your desk by easily advertising your district’s job openings on social media and popular job boards.


Keep the process moving quickly with online references, interview scheduling and automated workflows.


Save time after the hire by onboarding employees electronically and offering online compliance and safety training video courses.


See what’s working and make strategic decisions with easily-accessible data.

Frontline brings it all together


Easier Recruiting

Extend your recruiting reach by advertising positions online and tracking applicant interest at job fairs.


Better Hiring

Streamline the hiring process and quickly find the best candidate for every position.


Onboarding & Training

Let applicants complete onboarding forms online, plus offer online training video courses for new hires to complete on their own time.


Employee Records

Effortlessly move new hire data into other systems and manage employee records online.


Robust Reporting

Get the data you need to guide your recruiting and hiring strategy.

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Applicant Tracking

Struggling with complicated hiring processes that don’t leave room for strategic thinking? You’re not alone. But your hiring process shouldn’t be a hindrance to getting great new candidates into the district — it should help you focus on finding the right candidate, without taking up all of your time.

Our applicant tracking solution manages recruiting and hiring for you, so you can reclaim your time for more strategic work and get the insights you need.

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Screening Assessments

When you’re faced with an overwhelming number of applications, it can be hard to know where to start. Our research-based screening assessments take the guesswork out of selecting the best applicants for teaching, administrative and support positions by comparing each applicant’s score to those of a proven high-performer.

This means you can prevent frustration by weeding out unqualified applicants and identify the candidates most likely to succeed in your district.

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Onboarding & Safety Training Course Library

Providing in-person orientations for every new hire can get expensive and take up a lot of valuable time. There’s a better way to get your new employees, including substitutes, up to speed and ready to work. Our onboarding and safety training course library lets your employees complete these trainings on their own time with online video courses.

And because our courses are SCORM-compliant, you can track and document employee progress through key compliance trainings. This lets you reduce the risk of incidents and lawsuits — all while saving time and money on onboarding.

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Employee Records Management

The work doesn’t end once employees are hired: you still need to enter all of their information into your district’s systems, and keep their records up-to-date throughout their careers. Why not skip the paperwork and data entry by securely storing all of your employee records in one place? It’s easy with our online employee records management system.

You can access the data you need, when you need it — even K12-specific credentials and licensures. And it’s easy to keep employee information updated: you can manage employee-specific annual contracts online, and let employees access and update their own information.

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Frontline Insights Platform

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring is just one part of the Frontline Insights Platform. The Insights Platform is a powerful combination of the Frontline Education solutions, connected to Frontline Central – an employee records system that securely and efficiently manages your employee information online – and built on a foundation that provides a secure, efficient and consistent user experience.

The first unified platform for K-12, the Insights Platform is bringing critical technologies together to provide on-demand, actionable insights to the front line of education.

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