Flipped Professional Learning

How (and why) to structure a flipped or blended learning model for individuals and groups

Blended learning isn’t going away: combining digital instruction with classroom time for students to practice and apply what they’ve learned has clear benefits. But what if you applied the same principle to professional learning?

Using a flipped learning model, teachers can engage in the learning opportunities that address their own unique areas for growth, then collaborate with administrators, colleagues, coaches and professional learning communities to make changes to their practice. Better yet, it works for individuals as well as large or small groups.

Our white paper includes:

  • 10 simple steps in the flipped learning cycle
  • What the process can look like for individual learners
  • An example of how a flipped model could work for small groups, mentors and coaches
  • A look at flipped learning for an entire school or district
Download our free white paper to learn how you can apply a flipped learning model to your professional learning process.


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