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Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Teachers and Staff


Stretching yourself. Tackling a fresh challenge. Trying out new ideas.

Anytime you step out and take a risk, there’s the potential for “failure.”

The bad news? Failure isn’t fun.

The good news? Failure can be a marvelous catalyst for growth.

This webinar looks at the “growth mindset” — the view that intelligence and abilities aren’t fixed in place, and that setbacks are a chance for educators and students alike to learn and grow. As you work with your teachers and staff, what does this look like in terms of culture, practice, organizational structure and communication? How can you foster such a culture in your district?

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Frontline Professional Growth can help.

Frontline Professional Growth gives you the tools to foster ongoing learning throughout the entire educator growth cycle. Conduct transparent, growth-oriented observations; provide targeted, goal-aligned professional learning; and support meaningful reflection and discussions among colleagues — all in one easily accessible online location.

  • Create individual professional development plans for educators to identify goals, action steps and measures of success to assess impact
  • Manage observations with easy-to-use custom workflows and automated processes, so employees can focus more on growth
  • Train peer observers on expectations and processes for giving non-evaluative, formative feedback
  • Promote and track job-embedded, pair- and team-based collaboration and ongoing learning methods, such as coaching, mentoring and PLCs

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