Frontline Professional Growth 

From evaluations and professional learning to observer training and peer collaboration, promote improvements in practice for all of your educators.

Supporting professional growth among your educators is a crucial part of providing a stellar education to every student. But that takes more than offering workshops, observing lessons in the classroom and filling out forms. True growth is the result of an ongoing learning process — one that actively involves educators, identifies strengths and areas for improvement, and promotes collaborative learning.

With Frontline Professional Growth, you’ll have the tools you need to support every aspect of educator growth.


  Manage professional learning online

Manage professional learning for every employee, so you can focus more on growth and less on cumbersome processes.
  • Encourage self-directed learning based on individual goals and student needs
  • Promote and track job-embedded, pair- and team-based learning
  • ​Monitor the impact new learning has in the classroom
  • Easily fit learning into busy teachers’ schedules with an extensive catalog of on-demand courses

 Conduct evaluations that lead to growth

Simplify evaluations, give meaningful feedback and engage educators in discussions about teaching practice.
  • Manage evaluations — including multiple observers and data measures — within one system
  • Increase teacher engagement in the process with formative feedback throughout the year
  • Recommend relevant learning opportunities based on individual evaluation results

 Promote collaboration and coaching

Some of the best learning occurs through conversations between peers.
  • Encourage dialogue by letting teachers invite peers to share feedback on videos and artifacts
  • Expand coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Support job-embedded learning opportunities with lesson videos or through third-party libraries of video content from partners like ETS

 Ensure fair and reliable evaluations

Establish a common understanding of effective teaching practice.
  • Ensure evaluators are properly trained and certified to perform evaluations
  • Increase transparency and inter-rater reliability in the evaluation process
  • Apply your own frameworks or use pre-configured rubrics such as the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument (FFTEI), the Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System or the Strategic Observation and Reflection (SOAR) Teaching Frames