Evaluator Calibration and Training

(formerly MyLearningPlan Elevate)


Ensure fair and reliable evaluations.

Having an evaluation framework in place isn’t enough to ensure fair and consistent evaluations — especially with multiple observers. Now you can simulate the entire evaluation process with Frontline’s evaluator calibration and training tools (formerly MyLearningPlan Elevate) to ensure a valid, defensible and transparent process.



Train Evaluators

Train and calibrate observers in evidence collection, alignment, scoring and feedback.

Promote Transparency

Build a common understanding of performance expectations and increase teacher buy-in.


Increase Inter-rater Reliability

Customize individual metrics and thresholds for calibration certification based on district or state requirements.


Classroom Video Library

Provide evaluators with your own online training videos or add videos from a third party, such as the ETS Classroom Video Library.

The entire educator growth cycle.

Training and calibrating observers doesn’t just help you stay compliant, it earns more trust in your evaluation process. With higher observer inter-rater reliability, your teachers can be more confident that their observers will provide fair and accurate scores across your district.

Our evaluator calibration and training tools are just one part of Frontline Professional Growth, helping you support your employees in providing students with the best education possible. From consistent evaluations that yield meaningful feedback to professional learning that impacts classroom practice to ongoing collaboration with peers, now there’s a holistic solution to manage the entire educator growth cycle.


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