Collaboration and Coaching

(formerly MyLearningPlan Elevate)


Promote coaching and peer collaboration with video.

Peer feedback and self-reflection can be tremendous for enhancing instruction. But it can be difficult for teachers to find time to watch colleagues teach, or to assess their own practice in a meaningful way. Our online video and collaboration tools (formerly MyLearningPlan Elevate) give teachers and coaches the tools to observe and give meaningful feedback on teaching practice.



Encourage Self-Reflection

Allow employees to upload classroom videos and artifacts to assess their own practice and showcase their professional growth journey.


Facilitate Peer Collaboration

Promote transparency in peer feedback and provide opportunities for teachers to easily invite non-evaluative feedback from mentors and coaches.


Support Job-Embedded PD

Offer learning opportunities by uploading real-life examples of classroom instruction, or with third-party content such as the ETS Classroom Video Library.


Train Mentors and Coaches

Give educators access to video training on evidence collection, alignment, scoring and providing actionable feedback.

Goal-aligned, job-embedded learning.

Online video can be a powerful tool for coaching and peer collaboration, whether using video of their own lessons for self-reflection or sharing instructional practice with peers, mentors and coaches. Teachers can focus on specific criteria or feedback based on needs and goals, according to any rubric your district is licensed to use.

These collaboration and coaching tools are just one part of Frontline Professional Growth. Managing every aspect of the educator growth cycle and tying job-embedded professional learning to individual goals and evaluation results has never been easier.


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