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Professional Growth

Support the complete cycle of educator growth.

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Now there’s a better way to promote continuous learning in your district.

One solution for professional growth

Employee evaluations and professional learning aren’t supposed to be burdensome — they’re meant to promote growth. Frontline Professional Growth lets you manage the entire process in one place so you can focus on supporting your educators, not checking off boxes.

Why manage professional growth online?

  • Simplify employee evaluations
  • Easily compile required evaluation data
  • Ensure transparent and defensible evaluations for all employees
  • Document and track educators’ professional learning





Frontline Professional Growth is rooted in best practice, and starts with developing a common understanding of what great teaching looks like.


With great teaching as the goal, employee evaluations lead to meaningful feedback, not just scores.


Meaningful feedback + a fair and transparent evaluation process = engaged educators and continual progress.


Evaluation results lead to targeted professional learning opportunities for an ongoing cycle of growth.

Frontline brings it all together



Professional Learning Management

Save time with a dynamic online catalog of targeted learning opportunities and streamlined workflows.




Gain insights into employee growth and stay in compliance by easily compiling and reporting state-required data.


Growth-Focused Evaluations

Employee observation and appraisal tools free you from the pile of forms so you can spend your time supporting educators’ professional growth.


Learning Loop

Recommend targeted professional learning based on evaluation results, and equip educators to engage in self-reflection and peer collaboration.


Observer Calibration

Simulate the entire evaluation process online to train and calibrate observers.

Frontline Professional Growth

Professional Learning Management 
(formerly MyLearningPlan PDMS)

Foster relevant and individualized professional learning.

Offering ongoing, job-embedded professional development that meets the needs of all employees is no easy task. Cumbersome approval processes and manually entering data can be expensive and inefficient, and it’s difficult to assess practical application and student impact.

Frontline Professional Growth helps school districts support continuous, data-driven professional learning. Easily plan, manage and analyze internal and external professional learning opportunities, and enable your employees to take an active role in their own learning.

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Employee Evaluation Management
(formerly MyLearningPlan OASYS)

Give evaluation feedback that matters.

Your district employs a broad spectrum of employees in numerous different roles. But evaluating each of them — observing, collecting and aligning evidence to frameworks and state guidelines — is a challenge.

Frontline Professional Growth organizes the evaluation process so your district’s leaders can concentrate on employee engagement, learning and growth. Spend less time on paperwork, and more on providing meaningful feedback for every employee.

Now you can manage every component of the evaluation process in one place, including: self-reflection and goal-setting, in-class observations, student learning objectives and growth data.

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Evaluator Training and Calibration
(formerly MyLearningPlan Elevate)

Ensure defensible and transparent evaluations across your district.

The evaluation process isn’t complete without fair and objective feedback, but observers can apply evaluation frameworks differently, and employees often lack insight into performance criteria and expectations.

Simulating the entire evaluation process by uploading real-life classroom video — or using a third-party video library — gives your observers and evaluators the training to collect, align and score evidence.

With Frontline Professional Growth’s evaluator training & calibration tools, you can be sure that evaluations in your district are valid and defensible.

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Collaboration and Coaching
(formerly MyLearningPlan Elevate)

Support peer collaboration with classroom video.

Peer feedback and self-reflection can be powerfully effective at enhancing instruction. But it can be difficult for teachers to assess their own practice in a meaningful way, and finding time during the day to watch colleagues teach often means being out of the classroom themselves.

Now you can give your teachers and coaches the tools to upload classroom video to observe each other’s teaching practice and provide meaningful feedback.​

Frontline Professional Growth equips you to train mentors and coaches and encourage self-reflection and peer collaboration with real-life examples of classroom instruction.

Professional Development & Mandatory Training Course Library
(formerly EdTrainingCenter)

Relevant, targeted professional learning for every teacher? No problem.

You know how important professional learning is to educator growth. Ongoing, job-embedded learning is one hallmark of effective education. But professional learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. Every teacher has different strengths, needs and goals, and giving teachers “voice and choice” encourages them to take ownership of their learning. With Frontline Professional Growth’s library of nearly 700 self-paced professional development and mandatory training courses, educators reach their goals with learning that fits even into busy schedules.

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   Go even further with optional offerings from Frontline’s Strategic Partners.


Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument
The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument provides educators with a deep, shared understanding of what good teaching looks like and builds observer and teacher confidence in the observation process. Learn More.

Stronge Effectiveness Performance Evaluation System

Districts and states can now use one comprehensive, uniform evaluation system with components for teachers, educational specialists, principals, central office administrators and superintendents. Learn More.

Video Content

ETS Classroom Video Library
The ETS Classroom Video Library offers convenient web-based access to thousands of authentic, unedited K-12 classroom videos and tagged video clips, along with associated artifacts. Learn more.


Stronge Master-Coded Simulations

Stronge Master-Coded Simulations provide a turnkey solution for evaluator training and calibration. Learn more.

Teaching Frames

Strategic Observation and Reflection (SOAR) for Literacy Teaching Frames™
A rubric addressing specific learning needs of California students, the SOAR Teaching Frames are designed to support the collaborative and holistic vision of teaching encapsulated in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Learn more.

Frontline Insights Platform

Frontline Professional Growth is just one part of the Frontline Insights Platform. The Insights Platform is a powerful combination of the Frontline Education solutions, ultimately connecting to Frontline Central, which will be the single source of employee information for the Frontline solutions. The first unified platform for K-12, the Insights Platform is bringing critical technologies together to provide on-demand, actionable insights to the front line of education.

By adding any of the Frontline solutions or applications, you'll also get the benefits of the foundation of the Insights Platform – with key features like a mobile app and single sign-on.

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