Frontline Central

We’ve made it easy to get the employee information and insights you need to make strategic decisions.

Your district is a dynamic place, with a huge stream of constantly-changing employee information. For many districts, the problem isn’t a lack of data – it’s how to easily manage and analyze that data to gain insights that can drive decisions.

Take control with Frontline Central, the go-to source of employee information and strategic insights across Frontline solutions. By securely and efficiently managing employee information online, Central adds value to the other Frontline solutions by integrating, simplifying and analyzing data relevant to employment.




Gain insights to drive decisions

Make data-driven decisions with operational and strategic insights.
  • Get real-time insights from your own data specific to your role
  • Save time with automatically calculated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine how to measure progress


Reclaim time for more strategic initiatives

Save hours by automating the distribution, collecting, reviewing and filing of employee information.
  • Ensure forms are completed and approved on time, by the right people
  • Eliminate the need for dual data entry and cumbersome, outdated paperwork
  • Manage annual contract and certification renewals online, from start to finish


Improve employee records management

Get the data you need with powerful reporting and easy, real-time access to employee information.
  • Stay ahead of certification renewals and identify resources when needed
  • See at a glance what needs your attention
  • Keep records current by letting employees update their own information with permission-based rights


Attract and retain top talent

Ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process for both HR and new hires.
  • Automate onboarding by electronically distributing onboarding packets ahead of time
  • Track new hires’ progress through the process to ensure employees are ready from day one
  • Build a reputation as a district that’s easy to work for