Time & Attendance 


Get a complete picture of employee time and attendance.

A lot hinges on your ability to capture employee time: accurate payroll, compliance with labor laws, employee accountability and more. But where do you find the time to track each employee’s hours, apply unique payroll rules and enter data into your payroll system — and is it accurate? Our time and attendance tools (formerly VeriTime) do it for you, so you can reclaim your time, reduce labor costs and ensure accuracy, accountability and compliance.


  Accurate Time Capture

Let your employees clock in and out with the method that works best for you: electronic timesheets, proximity scanners, biometrics and more.

 Lower Labor Costs

Save money by addressing potential overtime issues, paying employees accurately for their actual time worked and reducing payroll errors.

  Labor Law Compliance

Stay compliant with labor laws, FLSA, FMLA, bargaining agreements, the Affordable Care Act and more, plus it can handle federal and split funding.

  Greater Visibility

Improve accountability and gain visibility into who is working where, when and in what capacity.

One solution for employee absences and time.

Knowing when your employees are present is important, but it’s only half the story. You need to be able to see the whole picture of employee attendance: when are they in, and where? When are they out, and who’s covering for them?

As part of our complete Frontline Absence & Time solution, our time and attendance tracking features give you the data you need, without the hassle. And because our solution makes it easy to run payroll and manage employee time, you can take back your time. 


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