​Milwaukee Teacher Education Center

Founded in 1996, the Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC) is a non-profit national professional development and Wisconsin teacher certification organization that supports and prepares highly qualified teachers for public, charter, and private schools. www.mteconline.org

Frontline Professional Growth and MTEC’s master-coded videos offer districts an easy-to-use online solution for evaluator training and calibration. Using real-life classroom videos, districts can now use a holistic process to simulate the evaluation process based on multiple measures from beginning to end.

Why use Frontline Professional Growth and MTEC’s master-coded videos?

  • INTER-RATER RELIABILITY. Ensure evaluators across your district have a common understanding of educator best practice, leading to valid and reliable evaluations.

  • VIDEO OBSERVATION. Using classroom video, provide observers with experience in evidence and artifact collection.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Promote educator growth with examples of high-quality instructional practice.

  • CUSTOM RUBRICS. Districts may contract MTEC to master-code videos to any framework, allowing them to use their own custom evaluation rubrics to train and calibrate evaluators.

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