Ed Leadership Sims (ELS) provides experiential leadership development to K-12 administrators using computer-based simulations. ELS simulations are peer-sourced from the field and designed to build resilience, critical thinking and decision-making capacity. These “apprenticeships in a box” strengthen existing leaders and prepare new ones to successfully navigate leadership challenges on the job.

Ed Leadership SIMS accessed through Frontline Professional Growth

By accessing Ed Leadership SIMS through Frontline Professional Growth, users are presented a simulated experience where they can “choose their own adventure” by selecting from a variety of ways in which to resolve a simulated situation. Because there is no right or wrong answer, users can use the simulation repeatedly to work through multiple potential outcomes. And by accessing Ed Leadership SIMS through Frontline’s professional learning management system, users can learn together, share experiences, brainstorm and develop their leadership skills in a safe environment — and receive PD credit for the exercise.

Why use Frontline Professional Growth and Ed Leadership SIMS?

  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE COLLABORATION. Enable your team to work together, build relationships and establish a support system for leaders, even if they’re in different locations.

  • SHARED LEARNING. Provide users with a safe environment to work through situations, consider different outcomes, and share key learnings as well as what might have been done differently.

  • FOCUS ON LEADERS. Offer professional development opportunities to advance high-quality, effective leadership skills for school and district administrators.

  • TRUE SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Move beyond a focus on logistics and tactics, and provide the opportunity for real-world leadership skills to grow.

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