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Our holistic solution for professional growth is used by more than 2,800 districts to support continuous professional learning and both formative and summative evaluations. Our solution includes:

  • Professional learning management to track continuous learning and manage compliance
  • Employee evaluation management in support of formative and summative feedback
  • Evaluator calibration to ensure fair and transparent evaluations
  • Video-based peer collaboration and self-reflection
  • A library of video and self-paced courses that’s constantly growing
  • Exclusive digital provider of Danielson 2011 and 2013 frameworks

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Why did Frontline acquire School Improvement Network?

Here is some information to get you started on who Frontline is and why we’ve acquired School Improvement Network. Read the Press Release  

Read the FAQs for clients of School Improvement Network: Here

Read the FAQs for clients of Frontline and School Improvement Network: Here


What does this mean for School Improvement Network’s products and services?

Frontline will continue to support the Edivate Growth System and its associated Edivate content library. Over time, Frontline will merge the Edivate content library with Frontline's continually growing Professional Growth Course Library and upgrade clients using Edivate Observe to Frontline's Employee Evaluation Management application within Frontline Professional Growth.


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