[Case Study]

Roxbury Township Public Schools

Improving Roxbury educators’ view of professional development​.

The Roxbury Township Public Schools, a dynamic and thriving district, is preparing the children of today for tomorrow. Knowing that effective teachers are a critical factor in student success, they set a goal to increase student achievement through a district-wide initiative directed at supporting educator growth.

The district chose Frontline Professional Growth to help them on their journey to open up new professional growth opportunities.

  • Administrators now create customized forms and reports that make state reporting more accurate, quick and efficient.
  • Moving the teacher observation process from paper to online has increased its effectiveness by setting specific timelines for completion, saving weeks of passing paper back and forth. 
  • By using evidence collected during observations, principals can provide organic and timely feedback to their teachers, who can then put feedback into practice immediately.

To make sure this happens, Auburn-Washburn’s Human Resources and Operations Director Brian White depends on Frontline’s solutions to solve problems before they happen.

“Frontline has really helped us to streamline the feedback loop — the ability to communicate effectively using given timetables to provide essential feedback and sign off on it — all of those things that used to be a paper chase in the past.”
— Chuck Seipp, Assistant Superintendent