Absence Management
on the Go

The Frontline Education mobile app is a quick and easy way to access the new Frontline Insights Platform while on-the-go.




For Administrators


As an administrator, you can:

  • Easily view and approve (or deny) absences from your phone
  • View the Daily Report of filled/unfilled absences
  • Get the details on who is absent and why
  • See a quick view of 3-day trends
And Employees


Plus, employees can:

  • Check their own leave balances
  • Create an absence request
  • Receive alerts
  • Look up colleagues in an employee directory (if the district also has Frontline Central)


Frontline Insights Platform

The Frontline Insights Platform

The mobile app saves time for administrators and employees, and is available to all Absence Management (formerly Aesop) customers who have added the foundation of the Frontline Insights Platform.


In addition to mobile, here’s a closer look at the value in the foundation of the Insights Platform:



Single sign-on

to multiple Frontline solutions


Identity Management

to ensure security, compliance and easy access


FERPA-compliant security

to keep your employee data safe


A common interface and navigation 

so you can move seamlessly from one solution to another


Reporting and dashboards,

giving you the data you need to drive decisions 


From single sign-on to reporting and dashboards, the way to maximize the value of the Insights Platform is by using all the Frontline Education solutions along with Frontline Central: a digital employee records management system. The more solutions you have, the more you benefit.

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