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Frontline Blog

Insights & ideas for K-12 education leaders.

Time to Re-Develop Professional Development

It’s no secret that professional learning is crucial to improving teaching practice. So why isn’t educator satisfaction with PD higher than it is?   Dr. Steven Ross writes from the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, highlighting a recent report from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute that examines the state of professional learning today.  
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To All Working in Special Education: Thank You

Across our nation, unsung heroes of our children patiently educate, care for and respect thousands of students with special needs. These Special Educators are far more than meets the eye. They educate children with the highest needs, often putting in hours far beyond the regular school day to plan and execute lessons with modifications to meet individual student needs and abilities.  
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Setting the Table for Success

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year — especially if it’s for the first time — you might be a little nervous. Maybe you’re running through disaster scenarios in your mind: what if the turkey is too dry? What if Aunt Jen forgets to bring her famous mashed potatoes?  
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Video for Self-Reflection and Peer Feedback: First Steps

Helping teachers get past the discomfort of recording their lessons on video.

1998 was my first summer away from home. Backpacking through Europe was a bit out of reach, so instead I found myself working as a camp counselor. It had everything you’d expect: campfires, massive games of Capture the Flag, goofy songs, lots of laughter.  
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Quiz: Are you teacher shortage savvy?

The teacher shortage isn’t a new problem. But over the past year and a half, the situation has ramped up drastically, leading to more research on the state (and future) of teacher shortages. Now, a lot of information has come out around teacher shortages over the past few months, including our own updated survey and report.
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Famous and not-so-famous subs

Did you know that Albert Einstein worked as a substitute teacher for two years in Switzerland? Or that John Scopes (Panama hat, Scopes Monkey Trial) was a substitute biology teacher in 1925 when he suggested the concept of evolution to his class, broke Tennessee law and found himself front and center in the trial of the century?
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How To: Managing Problem Behaviors with Check-In/Check-Out

Sometimes the simplest strategies work best. While every student is different and may require differing levels of intervention, if you want to motivate students to improve classroom behaviors, you need at least two things.
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Which Monster Lives in Your Office?

Halloween is almost upon us, bringing chilly air and spooky scenes. It’s the one time of year that you might not be quite as surprised to find a monster lurking under your desk — but the thing is, some monsters live in school district offices all year round.  
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Seven Big Ideas to Guide Behavior Management

Classroom management skills aren’t just “nice to have” — they’re absolute necessities. Students who misbehave don’t just miss out on instruction themselves, they make it difficult for their classmates to learn as well.  
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