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Insights & ideas for K-12 education leaders.

Update on the Affordable Care Act

"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are." – Bertolt BrechtThis quote sums it up when it comes to the Affordable Care Act! Since the proposed regulations were released in February, some changes have occurred and we anticipate more – but many districts are still taking steps to address the coming mandate.
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Why Attend a Frontline Regional Conference?

Dig deeper into Aesop and VeriTime, meet the Frontline team, network with other district professionals, show off your Ping-Pong® and Nerf® gun skills...These are just a few of the reasons to attend a Frontline Technologies Regional Conference - check out this infographic for more great reasons to attend our Columbus conference in October!
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The 5 Myths of Time and Attendance

So you've pretty much written off most popular myths: the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, we never really landed on the moon (conspiracy theorists, cover your ears)! But when it comes to time and attendance and workforce management systems, some myths are surprisingly hard to shake off. Here are some of the common myths school districts may believe about time and attendance systems – and the true stories you should know!
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The Teacher Absenteeism Hype - And How Districts Should Respond

Billions spent on substitutes. Up to 50% teacher absenteeism in Rhode Island. Reduced student achievement.Ever since the media got a hold of newly released data on teacher absenteeism, these kinds of statements are prompting raised eyebrows and tough questions from the public. But is it the whole story? And how do districts need to respond?
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Gone With the Wind: Will the Sequester Blow Over as Fast as the "Snowquester"?

Last week, many in the Northeast found out they were overly prepared for the "snowquester" - the snowstorm that didn't quite happen. The overblown "snowquester" (named after the recently passed "sequester") left a lot of people in the Northeast feeling a little sheepish after the 6-18 inch predicted super-storm brought little more than a drizzle for many areas that had already called off school.What about the "sequester" from which the snowquester took its name? Districts have been prepping for the worst, but the dreaded cuts slipped into place last Friday with surprisingly little noise. Will the sequester, like the snowstorm, fizzle out after a flurry of activity - or will the full impact of the cuts still threaten to cripple education?
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What School Districts Need To Know About The Affordable Care Act And Substitutes

It's official: the new healthcare reform is not going away. Not only was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act upheld by the Supreme Court last spring, but the IRS has also just released Proposed Regulations - this time with some rules specifically for educational organizations like school districts.While the regulations don't go into effect until January of 2014, the preparations are beginning now for many school districts that are realizing the far-reaching effects of the mandate on part-time employees - including substitute teachers. Keep reading to learn some of the key points of the Affordable Care Act and why 2013 is a crucial time to prepare.
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The Changing Role of the School District Technology Manager

The role of the school district IT Manager has changed. What used to be a position marked by installing and maintaining hardware has shifted to one of safeguarding - almost consulting for - the district on decisions and their effects across the entire organization.The IT Director has grown from maintaining systems to managing  them; fromrunning software to recommending it. Gary Lambert, the Educational Technology Manager for Beekmantown Central School District in New York, has embraced this evolving role. In the interview below, he shares his insights on this new role and how to maximize your value as an IT professional to your school district.
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