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Insights & ideas for K-12 education leaders.

[How-To Guide] Addressing Student Conduct With Behavior Contracts

Every teacher has dealt with students who are more challenging than others: acting out in class, refusing to raise their hand or being disruptive. For a student who doesn’t respond to typical classroom management strategies, a behavior contract might be an appropriate step to take.
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Tell Your Substitute Story

How celebration and communication can help solve your substitute shortage.

A little marketing can go a long way toward alleviating your substitute shortage. Marketing? Really? Really.
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How School-Home Notes Help Your Interventions

Managing a classroom full of 2nd graders is challenging enough. Finding effective, practical strategies that successfully address problem behaviors of younger students? That can prove especially difficult. With a team approach, though, teachers and families can work together to help every student improve behavior, stay focused in the classroom and succeed academically.
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If Retention Is the Answer to Teacher Shortages, Talent Management Is the Solution

The recent Learning Policy Institute (LPI) reports on teacher shortages have gotten a lot of attention nationally, from Education Week to NPR to the Washington Post. And with good reason; LPI’s comprehensive analysis casts “the emerging teacher shortage,” as characterized by the reports, in stark light: we face a crisis in the making. Our own forthcoming annual report on teacher shortages, based on a survey of instructional leaders across the country, only reinforces this finding.
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Frontline Special Ed & Interventions Frequently Asked Questions (Formerly Excent Enrich)

Questions about Excent becoming a part of Frontline Education? You've come to the right place!
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Why Is Effective Professional Learning so Elusive?

Do any of these excuses sound like you?

It happens to all of us, every day. Even though we know the “correct” course of action, we take the path of least resistance. We may even have a reasonable excuse. You know the drill: I know I should get up early to go to the gym. But it’s been a tough week at work – I deserve the extra rest. Then we’re surprised when we don’t get the desired results, because while the excuse may be valid, it doesn’t help us stay in shape.  
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Make Time for That Last-Minute Hire

Early in both the back-to-school rush and the hiring season, you have options. You can choose between the Lisa Frank notebook with a tiger on it, or one with a unicorn. You can hire candidate A, or candidate B, or candidate C. So you take the time to make the right decisions and get ready for the first day of school.  
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Flip Your Professional Development

Making the most of time and resources

In a time when all can agree that quality professional development (PD) experiences are invaluable, it is harder to get stakeholders to agree on what constitutes quality and what type of PD experiences are likely to be effective. One emerging trend is a “flipped PD” model that is a perfect fit for busy schedules and differentiated learning needs, while making the most of collaboration. Let’s examine existing models and compare them with “flipped PD.”  
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4 Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Great Candidates

Everyone has a story about the one that got away. And when you have hundreds of applications to pore over, there’s bound to be an all-star applicant you accidentally overlook. It happens to all of us at least once. But missing out on amazing candidates can mean that students lose out on the teacher of a lifetime.  
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