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Instant Poll: Does Your Professional Learning Promote a Growth Mindset?

Professional Learning

Since Carol Dweck’s groundbreaking book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success was published in 2006, the idea of a growth mindset has taken off in the education world. And no wonder — the concept has enormous implications for learning — for recognizing opportunities to grow in failure as well as in success.

This idea is true for adult learners as well as for students. Yet while teachers are well-versed in promoting a growth mindset in their students, the question remains: do K-12 professional learning structures do the same for teachers and staff?

That’s what we’d love to hear from you.


Looking for some inspiration on how to foster a growth mindset, make professional learning more effective or just see what professional looks like in other school systems? We chose these resources just for you:

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About Ryan Estes

Ryan works at Frontline Education writing, blogging and creating content to support those working in K-12 education.