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Failure and a Growth Mindset

Professional Learning

Any parent of an 8-year-old violinist can tell you: learning a complex skill requires time and room for mistakes.

Think about how many times a baby ends up on his behind before he figures out how to stand and walk. Or consider any notable scientific discovery… a little digging will likely uncover a string of “failed” experiments that came before a breakthrough.

In life and in education, failure can be a valuable learning experience — but for that to happen, we must view it as a catalyst for progress and an opportunity to grow. Students and educators alike need a safe space to fail and supports that give them the confidence to take risks, learn from mistakes and work together toward goals.

Our interactive white paper takes a 5-minute dive into the growth mindset — this way of seeing failure as a “springboard for growth” — and examines how to encourage a culture of resilience and learning among educators.


About Ryan Estes

Ryan works at Frontline Education writing, blogging and creating content to support those working in K-12 education.