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Built from the ground up to serve the front line of education — everyone from educators and bus drivers to administrators and custodial staff — our solutions bring systems and information together to activate your district’s potential. By bridging gaps between your departments, we provide insights that equip you to make the best decisions for your teachers, staff and students.

  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Absence & Time
  • Professional Growth
  • IEP
  • RTI
  • Medicaid
  • 504

Recruiting & Hiring

Frontline Recruiting & Hiring

Your people are your most important asset. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring makes it easy to get the best candidates ready to work in your district. From the moment a job opens up, our solution supports you in finding the right person and quickly bringing them on board.

  • Deepen your applicant pool and automate your processes for faster, easier hiring

  • Easily identify the best candidates to bring in for interviews

  • Quickly get new hires up to speed with online safety training courses

  • Manage employee records online after the hire, without any data entry

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Time & Attendance

Frontline Absence & Time

We know you strive for uninterrupted instruction. From reviewing absences and hours to finding qualified substitutes to fill in, Frontline Absence & Time helps you manage every aspect of employee attendance — without taking up your own time.

  • Easily manage all of your employee absences and hours in one place

  • Improve fill rates and ensure that absences are covered by qualified substitutes

  • Move beyond “putting out fires” and get the data you need to prevent problems

  • Stay compliant with labor laws like the ACA, FLSA and FMLA


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Professional Growth

Professional Growth Solutions

Frontline Professional Growth gives school districts the tools to manage every aspect of the educator growth cycle efficiently and effectively — so you can focus on what really matters: equipping all your staff to be great at what they do.

  • Streamline the evaluation process and easily report required data

  • Calibrate observers to ensure valid and defensible evaluations for every employee

  • Document and track professional learning for all employees

  • Save time and money by managing your professional growth processes all in one place

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Frontline IEP

It’s no wonder that special education costs are rising; special education teachers and providers are in high demand, while cumbersome administrative processes are taking precious time away from supporting children. But Frontline IEP (formerly IEP Direct) helps you reclaim your time with easy-to-use tools for enhancing compliance, supporting best practices and improving the quality of IEPs.

  • Enhance compliance and support best practices

  • Optimize reimbursement and reduce litigation costs

  • Improve the quality of IEPs for better student outcomes

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Frontline RTI

When it comes to struggling learners, Response to Intervention (RTI) can help ensure that students receive the supports they need. Frontline RTI (formerly RTIm Direct) makes it easy to manage and scale even the most complex RTI processes. You can simplify all of the tracking, documenting and monitoring necessary to help ensure that students are receiving enough support. And you can get even more visibility into student progress and RTI efficacy, so you can make data-driven decisions.

  • Automatically identify and tier at-risk students

  • Easily develop academic and behavioral student intervention plans while simplifying case management and administration

  • Access all RTI-related assessment and progress monitoring data, documentation and reports in one place


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Frontline Medicaid

With ever-tightening budgets, it’s critical for school districts to optimize allowable Medicaid reimbursement while enhancing compliance. Fortunately, Frontline Medicaid (formerly Medicaid Direct) can help you easily manage the entire process of school-based Medicaid claiming.

  • Discover and optimize your district’s allowable Medicaid reimbursement potential

  • Identify, prioritize and act on the highest potential opportunities for achieving Medicaid reimbursement goals

  • Automatically verify claim data and documentation to help ensure compliance

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Frontline 504

Enhancing Section 504 compliance is good for everyone — school districts, teachers, parents and above all, students. Frontline 504 is a best-in-class solution for saving time, enhancing compliance and improving the quality of 504 Plans. Making 504 Plan development easier means that you and your colleagues can focus your efforts on meeting students’ needs, not wasting time on paperwork.

  • Manage all 504 student data in a central location 

  • Save time and simplify workflow throughout the entire 504 Plan process

  • Make data-driven decisions using comprehensive administrative reports


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Thoughts From the Front Line

"We love Frontline and we love that they’re very customer-focused. We wish that every software company loved their customers as much as they do.” 

Jennifer Polk, Staffing Coordinator
​Wylie ISD, Texas 

“They’re not just selling a product. They’re selling a solution to problems that organizations have….These are products that truly do help us solve our problems and move on with the reason that we’re there in the first place.”

Gary Lambert
Beekmantown Central School District, New York

“Frontline’s products help us to advance student growth by having teachers to teach, paraprofessionals to help the students, custodians to clean the floors… it all helps the students.”

Lynn Boisvert, Finance and Operations 
Rocky Hill Public Schools, Connecticut

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